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Gill Mullis

Your biggest investment deserves experienced and caring representation. With 28 years of
 inthis Industry and still going strong, Gill Mullis has become one of the trusted
Real-EstateAgents of Guelph among different communities. Gill came to this country so many
years ago, as a young family with 5 suitcases, a husband and two kids. No one said it was
going to be easy. Arriving at Pearson in parkas and dressed in layers, at 32 degrees Celsius
on the tarmac, we made a strange and laughable site but we were so grateful to be here.
Gill loves Canada, she loves hockey and she makes a mean defenseman/woman…LOL.
Now Gill has 7 grandkids, 3 dogs, 12 rescue chickens and a rooster named Ethel. She is a
huge animal lover and sponsor.

Determined to make a positive impact in the lives of women and children in her community,
Gill Mullis freely gives her time and resources to help others and she is a Women of Distinction Alumni.
As a former police officer, Gills determination to find justice for those who could not successfully re-opened a criminal investigation against a serial rapist who had 17 counts and convictions of violent crimes against women and children. With hundreds of hours of research on Gill's time, compilation and submissions of evidence along with lobbying of government departments, she was able to re-open a case and ensure a safer community for women and children. Just a few of Gill's past accolade's include lobbying for legislation changes for barrier free learning and access for people with disabilities, Gill spent many years working tirelessly as a volunteer and member of the MS Board of Directors to improve public awareness and fundraising, Gill also provides much needed support to local needs. Gill is a realtor with a heart and is currently involved with many charities including:

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I have been meaning to write a story for over two years now, but the recent listing of my daughters house by Gill has prompted me to make sure I share this story! Two and half years ago I found my perfect home! I made and offer and listed my house privately! I was getting nervous as no offers came in! Gill learned of my situation and offered her expert advice and service! She listed my house and had it sold in less than 1 week! Last year my parents decided to move to a condo and listed their house with an agent! It was on the market for 3 full months, not one offer! I told my parents they need to speak to Gill! She reassured them that with new advertising, more exposure etc. It will sell! They listed with Gill and within 1 week again house was sold at asking price! My parents were so grateful for the quick sale and exceptional service! My daughter and husband decided to move and there was no discussion as to who would help them find their dream home and sell theirs! With Gill's knowledge of the market, they were able to buy their dream home with a 5 person bidding war! Gill listed their existing home and again with her insight to what buyers are looking for they had the house looking immaculate! My daughters house sold within 24 hours at more than asking price! I can't forget to mention Graham Mullis, Gill's husband! They work together as a team! Graham connects with the men as he knows what things to look for mechanically in a house and he has a calming disposition! Thank you Gill and your team for helping this 3 Generation Family!
Real Estate Testimonial by Renee Nelson Renee Nelson
Exceptional Service!
My wonderful and ongoing experience with Gill Mullis all started with a simple phone call in 2010 when I had planned to move from Toronto to Guelph. I knew instantly by the warm, welcoming, and often humorous banter, that I had found the perfect realtor for my move. My search for the best house for "my needs" was Gill's imperative, and it was that imperative that eventually led to the house that I have been happily living in with my son for almost seven years now. Gill was there every step of the way....and, more importantly, is still the person I call whenever I need anything "house" or community-related. Trustworthy, solid, upfront, and caring.
Real Estate Testimonial by Laura Lush Laura Lush
Gill is a gem!
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